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Division of Nursing Education (DNE)


In line with the HKBU Strategic Plan 2018-2028, the University offers its first full-time nursing degree programme, the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Programme (BNurs), in 2019 under the Division of Nursing Education (DNE), School of Continuing Education (SCE).


DNE aims to provide quality nursing education through its well qualified academic team. The BNurs will equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to excel as competent, compassionate and ethical healthcare professionals.




Academic Staff

Dr. Sharron S.K. Leung BBA (CUHK), DipEpid&AppliedStat (CUHK), PhD (PolyU), RN (General) (NCHK), FHKAN (Education & Research – Education), FHKAN (Nursing & Health Care Management)
Dr. Kubi Appiah BMed, BSur (Shenyang Medical College), PhD (CUHK)
Dr. Helen C.Y. Chiang  BNurs (HKU), MSc Nursing (PolyU), DN (CUHK), RN (General) (NCHK)
Dr. Jessie Y.S. Chung BNurs (CUHK), MNurs, DN (HKU), FHKAN, RN (General) (NCHK)
Ms. Kirsten C.W. Fu MSc (CUHK), BHS (Western Sydney), RN (General) (NCHK)
Dr. Cherry C.Y. Ho BSc (Hons) (PolyU), MSc, DN (CUHK), RN (General) (NCHK), BLS Instructor
Dr. Ng Mi-fun BNurs (Newcastle), MNurs (Monash), DN (CUHK), RN (General) (NCHK), FHKAN (Med- Rehab)
Dr. Nicki W.S. Pang BSc (Hons) (Oxford Brookes), Dip (TCMN) (HKCCMN), MSc (Stroke and Clinical Neurosciences) (CUHK), MSc (Acupuncture) (CUHK), PhD (GZUCM), TCert (Acupressure in First Aid) (HKLSS), Specialty Nurse (Neuroscience Nursing) (HA), RN (General) (NCHK) 
Ms. Poon Siu-man BSc (Hons) (PolyU), MSc (CUHK), Prof Dip (NSNCUHK), RN (General) (NCHK)
Dr. Alice K.Y. Wong BS Foods & Nutrition (Cal Poly Pomona), BS (LLU), PhD (PolyU), RN, PHN (BRN), RN (General) (NCHK)
Ms. Cecilia T.T. Wong  BHS (Western Sydney), MSW (HKU), RSW, RN (General) (NCHK)
Dr. Grace W.Y. Yuen BSc (Hons), PGDip (PolyU), MSc (CUHK), PhD (HKU), RN (General), APNs (NCHK), FHKAN
Ms. Yung Mei-sze BSc, MSc (Oxford Brookes), RN (General) (NCHK)






Governing Bodies

Dr. Susie Lum Director and Consultant, Salubrity Living Wellness Centre Ltd. (Chairman)
Dr. Jimmy Chan

President, HK Association for Conflict & Catastrophe Medicine

Ms. Constance Chan

Social Services Manager (Home Care and Professional Development), Yan Oi Tong Limited

Dr. Chan Wing Kwong Chairperson, Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association Ltd.
Ms. Kathy Cheung Department Operations Manager, Department of Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare, Hong Kong East Cluster, Hospital Authority
Prof. Ge Li Professor and Deputy Dean, School of Nursing, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Prof. Naohiro Hohashi Professor, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kobe University, Japan
Prof. Hu Wen Yu Director, Department of Nursing, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan
Dr. Susanna Lee Chief Nursing Officer, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Prof. David Shum Dean, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr. Janet Sit Adjunct Associate Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing,
Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Ronald C. K. Chung Dean, SCE (Ex-officio)
Dr. Sharron Leung Head of Nursing Education, SCE (Ex-officio) (Convener)



Prof. Catherine Chan The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Kara Chan School of Communication, HKBU
Prof. Chan King Cheung Department of Journalism, HKBU
Prof. Chan Pui Yee Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Ir. Stephen Chan Power Hub Ltd.
Ms Chan Yuk Sim The University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Hospital
Prof. Nancy Chen Lingnan University
Prof. Wendy Chen The University of Hong Kong
Ms. Alice Cheng Evangel Hospital
Prof. William Cheung Department of Computer Science, HKBU
Prof. Randy Chiu Department of Management, HKBU
Prof. Stephen Chu The University of Hong Kong
Dr. Steve Fong Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Dr. Annis Fung City University of Hong Kong
Prof. Anthony Fung The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Sylvia Fung Tung Wah College
Prof. Clara Ho Department of History, HKBU
Prof. Huang Xu Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems, HKBU
Prof. Connie Kwong The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof. Desmond Lam University of Macau
Prof. Patrick Lau Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health, HKBU
Prof. Amy Lee Hong Kong Metropolitan University
Prof. Clement Leung The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Prof. Li Min School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU
Prof. William Li The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ms. Jane Liu CUHK Medical Centre
Dr. Lobo Louie The Education University of Hong Kong
Prof. Eva Man Hong Kong Metropolitan University
Mr. Gary Ng Shun Hing Technology Company Limited, Shun Hing Group
Prof. Qiu Jianwen Department of Biology, HKBU
Prof. Daniel Shek The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Prof. Edward Snape School of Business, HKBU
Prof. Daniel Wong Department of Social Work, HKBU
Prof. Frances Wong The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Prof. Claudia Lai Professor of International Nursing (Special Mission), Faculty of Health Sciences,
Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine




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