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Dr. Alice K.Y. Wong  |  黃嘉恩博士

Lecturer of Division of Nursing Education, Academic Coordinator (Service-learning & Student Exchange)

 3411 1946

Teaching Areas

  • Community and Public Nursing 
  • Environmental Health & Therapeutics
  • Adult Care Nursing

Research Interests

  • Community/Public Health Nursing
  • Women’s Health (Prevention of HPV)
  • Environmental Health (Childhood Lead Poisoning Study)
  • Foods & Nutrition Study

Professional Qualifications

  • Registered Nurse, California Board of Registered Nursing, USA
  • Certified Public Health Nurse, California Board of Registered Nursing, USA
  • RN (General), The Nursing Council of Hong Kong

Selected Publications

  • Loke AY, Kwan ML, Wong YT, & Wong AKY (2017). The uptake of human papillomavirus vaccination and its associated factors among adolescents: A systematic review. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health, 8(4) 349-362.
  • Wong KYA (2004). Evaluation of Sub-clinical Lead Poisoning of Young Children in Hong Kong. [Doctoral Thesis] Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.