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School-based Consultancy Projects


School-based Consultancy Projects

School-based Consultancy Projects

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With a view to enhance the quality of early childhood educators in their profession, the School has been working closely with front-line practitioners by providing consultation services for school-based professional development. These consultation services include the implementation of tailor-made teacher training programmes as well as the delivery of special talks and seminars for parents. Over the years, with the track record of delivering fruitful and diversified school-based consultancy projects, the School has gained professional recognition from the education community. Topics for the school-based consultancy projects are listed below:


  • A Joyous Journey to Music : Music & Movement for Young Children
  • Analysis of House-Tree-Person Drawings
  • Assessment for Children’s Learning
  • Early Childhood Continuous Assessment
  • Early Childhood Language Development
  • Early Childhood Music and Movement
  • Early Childhood Music and Movement / Visual Arts
  • Early Childhood Physical Activities
  • Early English Learning
  • Educational Psychology
  • Gifted Children
  • High Scope
  • How to Design and Implement Teaching and Learning Activities
  • How to Develop Children’s Creative Thinking Ability and Problem-solving Skills?
  • How to Effectively Design Curriculum for Whole-day Class
  • How to Enhance Children’s Curiosity and Skills in Exploration and Observation
  • How to Enhance the Learning Efficiency of Children?
  • How to Recognize and Support Children with Special Educational Needs
  • Implementation of Parent Education
  • Introduction to DanceSport
  • Learning Mathematics with Fun
  • Partnership with Parents: Taking Care of Students with SEN
  • Professional Development of Teachers: An Introduction to the “Performance Indicators for Pre-primary Institutions”
  • Project Approach
  • Reflection on Teaching and Learning
  • Students with Diverse Learning Needs
  • Teacher Career
  • Whole Language


Interested parties are welcome to contact us for further information.

  • The above information is for reference only. The School reserves the right to make alterations or to cancel any class/programme without prior notice. Students are advised to follow the requirements listed in the course information distributed on admission.
  • The School reserves the right to arrange face-to-face, online or mixed mode teaching due to the changing situation of COVID-19.