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School-based Consultancy Projects


School-based Consultancy Projects

School-based Consultancy Projects

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With a view to enhance the quality of early childhood educators in their profession, the School has been working closely with front-line practitioners by providing consultation services for school-based professional development. These consultation services include the implementation of tailor-made teacher training programmes as well as the delivery of special talks and seminars for parents. Over the years, with the track record of delivering fruitful and diversified school-based consultancy projects, the School has gained professional recognition from the education community. Topics for the school-based consultancy projects are listed below:


  • A Joyous Journey to Music : Music & Movement for Young Children
  • Analysis of House-Tree-Person Drawings
  • Assessment for Children’s Learning
  • Early Childhood Continuous Assessment
  • Early Childhood Language Development
  • Early Childhood Music and Movement
  • Early Childhood Music and Movement / Visual Arts
  • Early Childhood Physical Activities
  • Early English Learning
  • Educational Psychology
  • Gifted Children
  • High Scope
  • How to Design and Implement Teaching and Learning Activities
  • How to Develop Children’s Creative Thinking Ability and Problem-solving Skills?
  • How to Effectively Design Curriculum for Whole-day Class
  • How to Enhance Children’s Curiosity and Skills in Exploration and Observation
  • How to Enhance the Learning Efficiency of Children?
  • How to Recognize and Support Children with Special Educational Needs
  • Implementation of Parent Education
  • Introduction to DanceSport
  • Learning Mathematics with Fun
  • Partnership with Parents: Taking Care of Students with SEN
  • Professional Development of Teachers: An Introduction to the “Performance Indicators for Pre-primary Institutions”
  • Project Approach
  • Reflection on Teaching and Learning
  • Students with Diverse Learning Needs
  • Teacher Career
  • Whole Language


Interested parties are welcome to contact us for further information.


  1. With effect from 25 October 2021, all students and staff entering HKBU Campuses* must have been fully vaccinated 14 days prior or more. For individuals who cannot receive vaccinations on time for medical or other reasons, a negative result for a COVID-19 test carried out by a Government recognized route for testing in the last 14 days is required for entry into the Campuses.
  2. All classes will be delivered face to face in 2021 Autumn Term. However, the School reserves the right to arrange online or mixed mode teaching due to the changing situation of COVID-19.

* including SCE Learning Centres