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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


The School of Continuing Education sees quality as of primary importance in its commitment to providing continuing education opportunities for the community. A robust quality assurance system aligned with the University’s quality assurance requirements is adopted to ensure that “high standards are achieved” and “learners’ needs are satisfied” through:

  1. a well-established academic management structure with a clearly defined division of roles and responsibilities and involvement of externality to govern the planning, approval, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of programmes;
  2. systematic planning and review of programme curricula for relevancy and appropriateness to accommodate emerging learning needs;
  3. engagement of professional practitioners and qualified instructors for course delivery and provision of induction for instructors;
  4. careful assessment of teaching and learning effectiveness;
  5. timely interventions and follow-up actions to bring about improvements in the quality of teaching and learning; and
  6. pledges from the management to commit ample resources to promoting teaching and learning so as to nurture a strong quality culture within the School community.


Following the launching of the Qualifications Framework (QF) by the Hong Kong SAR Government in May 2008, the School has registered most of its sub-degree programmes, assessed and endorsed by internal quality assurance committees and the University, for an appropriate QF level in the Qualifications Register. The QF Registration Numbers and Registration Validity Periods of the registered programmes can be found in the individual programme pages on this website.


Quality assurance is a continuing process by which the School strives to achieve its missions. The School will continue to devote effort and resources in quality assurance to serve lifelong learning needs of individuals and the Hong Kong community.