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Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education (Part-time Mode) - Senior Year Admission
幼兒教育學教育學士(榮譽)學位課程(兼讀制) - 高年級入學 

Frequently-asked Questions

  1. How long will I need to complete the programme?
    It will take about 4 years to complete the part-time Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education programme.
  2. What is the study mode?
    Face-to-face mode is adopted for the programme. Students will also have attachment and block placement in their serving kindergartens.
  3. When will classes start?
    Classes for the 2018 Autumn intake will start in late August 2018.
  4. Will the University acknowledge receipt of my application?
    If applicants wish to receive an acknowledgement, please fill in your name and correspondence address with HK$2.00 stamp affixed on the Acknowledgement of Application.
  5. If I obtained the qualification of Associate Degree/Certificate in the discipline of early childhood education from other institutions, can I apply for the programme?
    Applicants with other qualifications will be considered only if they are in-service kindergarten teachers and their qualifications are proved to be equivalent to
    • A recognized Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education; and
    • C(ECE) qualification
  6. Do you accept students with academic qualifications in other disciplines other than Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education?
  7. Do I need to attend any interviews?
    Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview and/or complete a written test in April or May 2018.
  8. How will I be notified if I am selected for interview?
    Selected applicants will be notified by email/phone.
  9. When will the University make the admission offer?
    For the 2018 Autumn intake, admission offers will be made in June/July 2018.
  10. Can I apply for exemption for units previously earned from other institution(s)?
    Applicants may apply for course exemption if they have taken equivalent courses in other institutions previously. Nevertheless, students should complete a minimum of 64 units to meet the graduation requirements of the programme. Moreover, the University reserves the right to refuse to grant units for courses that are not deemed to be equivalent to the University’s courses. All course exemption shall be considered by the School on a case-by-case basis upon admission.
  11. Do I need to secure a teaching post in a kindergarten before applying for the programme?
    Yes. Students are required to have their practicum training at their serving kindergartens which are recognized kindergartens in Hong Kong.