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Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Head (Early Childhood and Elementary Education) : Dr. Amelia LEE
Senior Lecturers : Dr. Vincent WONG    
Lecturers : Dr. Cecilia CHU Mr. Jeff FENG Ms. Joyce HAU
Ms. Janet HUNG Dr. Tiffany IP Ms. Katty KAM
Dr. Sara LAI Ms. Carol LEE Ms. Elam LEUNG
Ms. Mona LEUNG Ms. Jammie LO Ms. Clara PEI
Dr. Janice POON Ms. S. Y. WONG Mr. K. F. YU
  Mr. Anthony YUAN Ms. Paulina YUEN Ms. Kate YUN
Programme Administrators :Ms. Moira YUMs. Karen NG Ms. Maggie HUI
Ms. Annie KONG Ms. Christy MAK Ms. Sara NG
Ms. Kitty TSE Mr. Michael WAN  
Telephone :3411 4309
Fax :3411 4302
Email : sceeceed@hkbu.edu.hk

The Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division, School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) has a vision for the development of professional training courses for local practitioners in basic education. The Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division (ECEED) is the academic arm of the School to foster the continuing professional development of quality teacher education programmes. The Division is the first higher education institute to offer early childhood education programme at the degree level and was commissioned by the government to offer the Bachelor of Education (Honours) Programme to practicing primary teachers in 1994. In view of the expanding need for quality training services in early childhood education, the ECEED made a firm commitment to uplift the professionalism of early childhood educare practitioners.

The Division offers a range of academic programmes on a full-time or part-time basis to provide pre-service and in-service training in basic education studies with qualifications awarded from certificate to postgraduate levels. All programmes are offered with a core emphasis on the advancement of academic qualifications as well as teaching skills for local early childhood and elementary education practitioners. With the continuous development of basic education programmes and the increasing number of government-commissioned courses operated in recent years, the ECEED has further affirmed its leading role and expertise in the provision and enhancement of early childhood and elementary education training in the community.

The Programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (PGDECE) programme aims to develop the professional knowledge and skills of degree holders who are interested to develop their careers in early childhood education and childcare services.

To align with the government’s initiative in upgrading the academic qualification of early childhood educare practitioners, graduates of the Programme will be trained to become self-reliant early childhood professionals equipped with in-depth knowledge, lifelong learning skills, and commitment to their profession, with the ability to facilitate learning in a constantly changing world and to promote high quality and innovative education and care for young children in the local early childhood education settings.

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