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Master of Nursing (Clinical Leadership)

Mode of Study (80-Credit-Point Pathway)

The programme is offered on a part-time basis and is divided into 7 study terms. In general, students are required to take 1 unit in each term and should be able to complete the programme within 2 years. Classes are normally held on weekday evenings so as to cater for health professionals who may need to work shifts. A typical term is scheduled as follows:

Week 1 Lecture (3.25 hours)
Week 2 Lecture (3.25 hours)
Week 3Self-revision
Week 4 Tutorial (2.5 hours)
Week 5Self-revision
Week 6 Lecture (3.25 hours)
Week 7 Lecture (3.25 hours)
Week 8Self-revision
Week 9Tutorial (2.5 hours)
Week 10-12Self-revision & break

Facilities and Workshops

Library Facilities

High quality references and information services are provided in the libraries where students could get access to excellent collection of study materials, general reference materials, electronic databases and special collections.  With an increasing emphasis on electronic resources, off-campus access to libraries' comprehensive online materials, such as e-journals and e-books, is also available to students over the Internet.

To support and enhance learning, students have access to the following libraries:

  • WSU Online Library
  • HKBU Main Library
  • HKBU Online Library
  • SCE Resource Library
Supporting Workshops

To strengthen students' research and writing skills, the following supporting workshops would be provided at the beginning of the programme:

Academic Writing Workshop
Assisting students in their academic writing endeavors at the postgraduate level, the workshop provides practical and conceptual information on referencing, critical thinking, reading and writing skills.  Students will have hands-on experience in constructing arguments and concept mapping.  In addition, to further prepare students for structuring assignments and making proper referencing, a writing skills enhancement workshop would be offered to students in the first quarter of the programme.

Library Instruction Workshop
This workshop provides an overview of the services and resources available in the HKBU Main Library.  To prepare students for completing their assignments, effective search strategies and useful search engines would be introduced in the workshop.

Assessment Methods

Students' performance will be gauged by continuous assessment in the form of essays, reports, case analysis, reflection papers, etc. (normally two pieces per unit)

Attendance Requirement

The attendance requirement of the programme is 75% for the lecture component of each unit.


Students who successfully pass the assessment of all the units required in the programme and fulfill the attendance requirement of each unit are qualified for graduation. The Master of Nursing will be awarded to these students by the Western Sydney University.

To recognize the outstanding performance of student, the Western Sydney University and the School of Continuing Education , Hong Kong Baptist University would jointly present a Health Award to the highest achieving student at the end of each Intake.

Admission Requirements

80-Credit-Point Pathway

  1. Applicants must:
    • be a Registered Nurse (currently registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – Nursing and Midwifery), or eligible for same, or hold a certificate of registration of nursing, within the last five years, in their own country;
    • have two years full-time equivalent work experience as a registered nurse or registered midwife within the last five years;
    • complete an undergraduate degree in health-related sciences (AQF Level 7 or equivalent), in health science, human science, midwifery, naturopathy, nursing, nutrition, psychology OR complete a Graduate Diploma in Nursing (AQF Level 8 or equivalent), or higher, in a health-related discipline.
  2. Applicants should possess an appropriate level of English proficiency and may have to provide documentary evidence as deemed necessary. 

120-Credit-Point Pathway

Applicants with less than two years full-time equivalent work experience as a registered nurse or registered midwife within the last five years will be enrolled into the 120-credit-point pathway.  

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is HK$10,500 per 10 credit points that is to be paid by installments on a term basis.

Programme Commencement

September 2018

Press Coverage

"浸大與西悉尼大學合辦護理碩士課程畢業禮" (Headline Daily) (19 June 2013)

Oriental Daily (13 November 2012)

Industry Veteran Interview (行業達人訪問)

醫務行政管理達人陳志強博士 (May 2014) / (2014年5月)

護理達人馮玉娟女士 (Mar 2012) / (2012年3月)



It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.
Exempted Course of Non-local Courses Registry, Education Bureau (Reference Number: 411834, 411835)
WSU CRICOS Provider Number 00917K