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課程編號: CP0262

Professional Certificate in Festive Event Management

Academic Advisor: Dr. William LinProgramme Administrator: Ms. Shannon Wong
Enquiries: 3411 1999Email: adbus@hkbu.edu.hk

Programme Aims

This programme aims at providing students with concrete knowledge and skills of a greater complexity in managing successful festive events. It is designed to equip students with the professional knowledge of festive events operations, marketing communications and risks management for the Festive Event Industry. Hence, students are well-equipped with theoretical and practical grounding in event management and are able to develop appropriate professional skills to achieve corporate goals in festive event management related function.

Programme Structure

This programme consists of 5 courses:

Course CodeCourse Title科目名稱Hours
1.CEM4101Event Planning and Administration活動策劃與行政30

Event Planning and Administration

This course aims to provide students with comprehensive, modern business knowledge, practical skills and planning tools necessary for successful event planning and administration. Topics include:

  1. Background of Events;
  2. Modern Event Management Process;
  3. Developing the Event Plan;
  4. Event Sponsorship;
  5. Management of Human Resources;
  6. Financial Administration;
  7. Event Management Technology Tools; and
  8. Event Evaluation.
2.CEM4102Event Operations and Logistics活動運作及物流30

Event Operations and Logistics

This course provides the students with the required knowledge in event operations and logistics. In addition, students would be able to learn how to prepare for the production, catering services, booking of entertainment and logistics components of an event in order to achieve its goals and objectives. Topics include:

  1. Production and Staging Events;
  2. On Site Management;
  3. Catering Management;
  4. Food Menus and Beverage Lists;
  5. Food and Beverage Service Methods;
  6. Entertainment Management;
  7. Selecting and Booking Entertainment;
  8. Managing Performers; and
  9. Event Logistics Management.
3.MKG4015Marketing Communications市場營銷傳播30

Marketing Communications

This course aims at providing students with the conceptual knowledge and practices on integrating the major strategies on advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing to achieve comprehensive marketing communications. To cope with today’s increasingly dynamic market environment, the course also introduces the modern technology enabled interactive marketing methods to enhance the overall effect and the degree of customization in market communications (marcom). Topics include:

  1. Overview on Marketing Communications;
  2. Directing Marketing Communication Efforts;
  3. Establishing Marketing Communication Objectives and Budget;
  4. Advertising Creative and Media Strategies;
  5. Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Activities;
  6. Interactive Marketing;
  7. Public Relations (PR) and Publicity; and
  8. Measuring Effectiveness of Marcom Programmes.
4.CEM4103Festive Event Management節慶活動管理30

Festive Event Management

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the planning process of festive events and recognise the various types of local and international festivals. Topics include:

  1. Understanding the Background of Festivals;
  2. Local and International Festivals;
  3. Administration and Management of Festivals;
  4. Programming;
  5. Publicity for Festive Events;
  6. Hospitality; and
  7. Production and Site Preparation.
5.CEM4104Risk Management for Events活動風險管理30

Risk Management for Events

This course enables students to have a better understanding of the standard and customary event regulations and procedures. Throughout the course, participants will be acquainted with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify potential event liabilities and ethics and also able to monitor and control them through risk and ethical management procedures for different events. Topics include:

  1. Legal and Financial Safeguards;
  2. Contracts, Permits and Licenses;
  3. Classification of Risks;
  4. Risk Management Procedures;
  5. Risk Control Strategies; and
  6. Ethics in Event Management.

Duration and Mode of Study

9-12 months part-time

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English


Students who have successfully completed 5 required courses will be awarded the Professional Certificate in Festive Event Management.


Application Fee: HK$120
Tuition Fee: HK$15,450


March / July / November of every year

Course Schedule and Venue

Classes and examinations will be held on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons (normally two classes per week) at Kowloon Tong / Kowloon East / Tsimshatsui / Wan Chai Learning Centre.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  1. Level 2 in five HKDSE subjects including English and Chinese (and up to 2 APL subjects) or equivalent and 2 years' relevant work experience; OR
  2. Successful completion of Yi Jin Diploma and 2 years' relevant work experience; or
  3. Holder of a relevant School of Continuing Education (SCE) Diploma or Certificate or other equivalent non-SCE qualifications; or
  4. Aged 21 or above, preferably with 3 years' relevant work experience.
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