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課程編號: CP0260

Professional Certificate in Retail Management

Academic Advisor: Dr. William LinProgramme Administrator: Ms. Shannon Wong
Enquiries: 3411 1999Email: adbus@hkbu.edu.hk

Programme Aims

The programme aims at providing students with signified skills and knowledge of a greater complexity in retailing. It offers an integrated understanding of Hong Kong retail industry, synthesizing service marketing knowledge while cultivating specialized retailing competence to develop students as retail professionals.

Programme Structure

This programme consists of 5 courses:

Course CodeCourse Title科目名稱Hours
1.MKG4013Marketing for the Service Industry服務業市場學30

Marketing for the Service Industry

This course aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge on the concepts, theories and techniques for successful marketing in the service industry. It also helps students in establishing and in implementing service strategies to enhance customer relationship and level of customer satisfaction. Topics include:

  1. Service Characteristics and Services Marketing;
  2. The Growth of Service Industry;
  3. The GAPS Model of Service Quality;
  4. Customer Behavior in Services;
  5. Customer Expectations and Perceptions of Service;
  6. Service Encounter;
  7. Building Customer Relationship;
  8. Extended Marketing Mix (7 P’s) on Services; and
  9. The Financial and Economic Impact of Service.
2.MKG4021Retail Management: A Strategic Approach策略零售管理30

Retail Management: A Strategic Approach

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the knowledge and concepts necessary for successful strategic management of a retail business, with emphasis on the effective integration and coordination of various retail activities with the overall implementation of corporate marketing mix strategies Topics include:

  1. The Essentials of Retailing;
  2. Merchandising Management – Planning and Control;
  3. Budgeting Process;
  4. Retail Operations Management;
  5. Store Location and Design;
  6. Retail Security Issues;
  7. Non-store Retailing;
  8. Retail Management and Strategies; and
  9. Retailing in the Global Marketplace.
3.MKG4022Retail Merchandising and Marketing Communications零售商品及市場傳播30

Retail Merchandising and Marketing Communications

The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective merchandising and marketing communication activities at the retail level. Modern merchandising management theories and practices would be highlighted to match with the retailer’s financial goals. The retailer’s marketing communication strategies, which forms an integral part of the firm’s overall marketing mix, would also be thoroughly discussed. Topics include:

  1. The Nature of Retail Merchandising;
  2. Merchandising Planning and Budgeting;
  3. Pricing of Merchandise;
  4. Supplier / Vendor Relationship;
  5. Retail Promotional Mix;
  6. Visual Merchandising Display; and
  7. Retail Market Communications.
4.MKG4024Selling and Customer Relationship Management銷售與客戶關係管理30

Selling and Customer Relationship Management

This course aims to provide an understanding of the roles, the tasks and the importance of sales executives in the organization. In contemporary marketing, salespeople focus their efforts not only on selling and customers’ acquisition, but also retain customers and manage productively the lifelong customer relationship. This course will discuss how the traditional selling pipeline can be transformed into a holistic and effective selling and customer relationship management (CRM) process. Topics include:

  1. The Role of Selling in Marketing;
  2. The Sales Environment;
  3. The Personal Selling Process;
  4. Selling Through Market Intermediaries;
  5. Challenges in Personal Selling;
  6. Concepts of Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
  7. Customer Focus Factors;
  8. CRM Strategy Development and Implementation; and
  9. Future Trends in Selling and CRM.
5.MKG4023Managing Successful Retail Operations零售營運管理30

Managing Successful Retail Operations

The objective of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and practices of managing a retail operation – including both store and non-store retailing. The course will guide the students through the various elements of the process in operating a retail store and the issues affecting the smooth running of a retail operation. Emphasis would be placed on the key tactics and strategies to support retailers operating successfully in the competitive marketplace. Topics include:

  1. Retail Operating Policies and Procedures;
  2. Stock and Inventory Management;
  3. Cash and Non-cash Settlement Handling and Control;
  4. Store Maintenance;
  5. Sales Policies and Procedures;
  6. e-Shop Operation;
  7. Retail Customer Service;
  8. Managing People in the Retail Environment; and
  9. Technology Applications for Store Operations.

Duration and Mode of Study

9-12 months part-time

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English


Students who have successfully completed 5 required courses will be awarded the Professional Certificate in Retail Management.


Application Fee: HK$120
Tuition Fee: HK$15,450


March / July / November of every year

Course Schedule and Venue

Classes and examinations will be held on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons (normally two classes per week) at Kowloon Tong / Kowloon East / Tsimshatsui / Wan Chai Learning Centre.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  1. Level 2 in five HKDSE subjects including English and Chinese (and up to 2 APL subjects) or equivalent and 2 years' relevant work experience; OR
  2. Successful completion of Yi Jin Diploma and 2 years' relevant work experience; or
  3. Holder of a relevant School of Continuing Education (SCE) Diploma or Certificate or other equivalent non-SCE qualifications; or
  4. Aged 21 or above, preferably with 3 years' relevant work experience.
零售管理專業證書 在資歷架構下獲得認可
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