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課程編號: CP0259

Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management

Academic Advisor: Ms. Sherine MakProgramme Administrator: Ms. Shannon Wong
Enquiries: 3411 1999Email: adbus@hkbu.edu.hk

Programme Aims

This programme aims to equip students with necessary knowledge, skills and abilities as HR professionals in the areas of recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation management and employee communication. By combining both theoretical and practical aspects in human resource management, students will be able to make use of the learnt skills to manage people effectively and efficiently to achieve organizational goals.

Programme Structure

This programme consists of 5 courses:

CEF Course CodeCourse Title科目名稱Hours
1.HRM4201Recruitment and Selection Management招聘及甄選管理30

Recruitment and Selection Management

This course aims to enable the students to understand the recruitment and selection process in the business context. Students will learn the practical approach to defining, planning and executing staffing decisions for successful recruitment and selection activities. Topics include:

  1. Nature of Staffing;
  2. Preparation for Hiring;
  3. Recruitment Process;
  4. Selection Process;
  5. Preparation for Selection Interviews;
  6. Employment and Placement; and
  7. Retention Management.
2.HRM4202Human Resources Training and Development人力資源培訓及發展30

Human Resources Training and Development

This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills in managing employee performance through training and development. Students will learn the practical approach to design, implement and deliver training programmes to meet the ever changing business requirements. Topics include:

  1. Training and Development Framework;
  2. Organizational Learning, Adult Learning Principles;
  3. Training Needs Analysis;
  4. Training Design;
  5. Training Methodologies;
  6. Training Implementation;
  7. Training Delivery;
  8. Training Effectiveness; and
  9. Management Development.
3.HRM4203Performance Management績效管理30

Performance Management

The course aims to develop students with the knowledge and skills to establish a high performance organization that supporting, motivating and developing employees to work effectively and efficiently to achieve business objectives. Topics include:

  1. Introduction to Performance Management;
  2. Performance Management and Strategic Planning;
  3. Performance Management System Implementation;
  4. Gathering Performance Information;
  5. Implementing Performance Management System;
  6. Performance Management and Employee Development;
  7. Reward Systems; and
  8. Managing Team Performance.
4.HRM4204Compensation Management薪酬及福利管理30

Compensation Management

The course aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and practices of reward management that enabling them to match the theory with practical application in the workplace. Topics include:

  1. Compensation Program Principles, Policies and Strategies;
  2. Payroll and Benefits Administration;
  3. Job Analysis and Job Evaluation for Pay Programs;
  4. Developing and Maintaining Pay Grading Structure;
  5. Design Pay Adjustment Programs;
  6. Employee Benefits and Costs;
  7. Salary Tax Filing and Tax Planning;
  8. Salary and Benefits Reviews; and
  9. Use of External Compensation & Benefits Consultants.
5.HRM4205Employee Relations and Communication員工關係與溝通30

Employee Relations and Communication

The course aims to provide the students with the concepts of employee relations and communication. Techniques to solve the problems between employers and employees as well as ways to effectively enhance employee relations in various situations will also be taught. Topics include:

  1. Overview of Employee Relations;
  2. Employee Relations Institutions and their Roles;
  3. Effective Communication;
  4. Handling Grievances and Disputes;
  5. Handling Employee Discipline;
  6. Employee Exit, Termination and Redundancy; and
  7. Current Challenges in Hong Kong.

Duration and Mode of Study

9-12 months part-time

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English


Students who have successfully completed 5 required courses will be awarded the Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management.


Application Fee: HK$120
Tuition Fee: HK$15,450


March / July / November of every year

Course Schedule and Venue

Classes and examinations will be held on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons (normally two classes per week) at Kowloon Tong / Kowloon East / Tsimshatsui / Wan Chai Learning Centre.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  1. Level 2 in five HKDSE subjects including English and Chinese (and up to 2 APL subjects) or equivalent and 2 years' relevant work experience; OR
  2. Successful completion of Yi Jin Diploma and 2 years' relevant work experience; or
  3. Holder of a relevant School of Continuing Education (SCE) Diploma or Certificate or other equivalent non-SCE qualifications; or
  4. Aged 21 or above, preferably with 3 years' relevant work experience.
人力資源管理學專業證書 在資歷架構下獲得認可
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