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課程編號: CP0257

Professional Certificate in Finance

Academic Advisor: Mr. Keith LaiProgramme Administrator: Ms. Shannon Wong
Enquiries: 3411 1999Email: adbus@hkbu.edu.hk

Programme Aims

This programme aims at providing students with solid knowledge and skills in contemporary finance with emphasis on the financial markets in Hong Kong. It is designed to equip students with the professional knowledge of financial planning, investment, derivatives, financial risk management and computation methods for finance.

Programme Structure

This programme consists of 5 courses:

Course CodeCourse Title科目名稱Hours
1.FIN4103Personal Financial Planning個人財務策劃30

Personal Financial Planning

This course aims to provide students with skills and techniques to perform financial planning for personal financial decisions. This course will focus on the understanding of the overall financial planning process, and examine the major aspects of financial planning. Topics include:

  1. Personal financial records;
  2. Time value of money;
  3. Investment instruments;
  4. Tax planning;
  5. Insurance policies and planning;
  6. Retirement planning; and
  7. Estate planning.
2.FIN4104Global Finance環球金融30

Global Finance

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of global financial markets and its relation to global financial management. Issues to be examined include global financial markets and instruments; foreign exchange markets; foreign currency derivatives and currency risk; foreign exchange exposure and management. Topics include:

  1. Foundation of global financial management;
  2. International financial systems;
  3. The market for foreign exchange;
  4. International parity relationships;
  5. International bond market;
  6. Currency futures and options markets;
  7. Foreign exchange exposure and management;
  8. Swap market; and
  9. International portfolio investment.
3.FIN4105Investment Management投資管理30

Investment Management

This course focus on investment management and analysis. It provides students with the skills and understanding to portfolio management with applications of modern portfolio theories and capital markets hypothesis. Topics include:

  1. Investment environment in Hong Kong;
  2. Investment instruments;
  3. Efficient diversification;
  4. Capital asset pricing and arbitrage pricing theory;
  5. Efficient market hypothesis;
  6. Fundamental and technical analysis;
  7. Performance evaluation and active portfolio management; and
  8. Portfolio management strategies.
4.FIN4106Derivatives and Financial Risk Management衍生工具與財務風險管理30

Derivatives and Financial Risk Management

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of major financial derivatives in Hong Kong and an overview of risk management in the financial markets. Emphasis will be placed on the pricing techniques of various techniques and the contemporary view of risk management according to the Basel Accord. Topics include:

  1. Overview of derivatives markets and financial risk management;
  2. Determination of forward and futures prices;
  3. Stock options valuation;
  4. Swaps;
  5. Exotics options and nonstandard products;
  6. The Basel Accord;
  7. Market risk management;
  8. Credit risk management; and
  9. Operational risk management.
5.FIN4107Computation Methods for Finance財務運算方法30

Computation Methods for Finance

This course aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge in spreadsheet modeling to implement the contemporary financial computation. It is intended to serve as a bridge or link between the traditional corporate finance theories and the practical applications by using convenient and powerful electronic spreadsheets. Topics include:

  1. Review of electronic spreadsheet;
  2. Time value of money;
  3. Valuing financial assets;
  4. Capital budgeting decision rules;
  5. Risk, return and cost of capital;
  6. Securities market analysis;
  7. Corporate financial planning; and
  8. Personal financial planning.

Students are expected to have basic knowledge in Microsoft Excel.


Duration and Mode of Study

9-12 months part-time

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English


Students who have successfully completed 5 required courses will be awarded the Professional Certificate in Finance.


Application Fee: HK$120
Tuition Fee: HK$15,760


March / July / November of every year

Course Schedule and Venue

Classes and examinations will be held on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons (normally two classes per week) at Kowloon Tong / Kowloon East / Tsimshatsui / Wan Chai Learning Centre.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  1. Level 2 in five HKDSE subjects including English and Chinese (and up to 2 APL subjects) or equivalent and 2 years' relevant work experience; OR
  2. Successful completion of Yi Jin Diploma and 2 years' relevant work experience; or
  3. Holder of a relevant School of Continuing Education (SCE) Diploma or Certificate or other equivalent non-SCE qualifications; or
  4. Aged 21 or above, preferably with 3 years' relevant work experience.
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