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Applied Learning Courses


Applied Learning Courses ─ Tech Basics
高中應用學習課程 ─ 資訊科技精要

Daytime Programme New Programme
Qualifications Framework Level : 3
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「Applied Learning」Course Features

The Senior Secondary Applied Learning Courses offered by the School aims to provide a choice of elective subjects as part of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum. These subjects focus on broad professional and vocational fields in which students may have a future career interest. The unique features of the Applied Learning Courses are:

  • allows students to deepen their understanding in a broad area in which they have a strong interest, with a view towards possibly developing their interest into a lifelong career.
  • enables students to learn fundamental theoretical knowledge as well as practical and generic skills in their area of interest. These skills are often consolidated through hands-on experiential learning.
  • provides a more holistic education in the New Senior Secondary Curriculum by teaching a wide range of competencies such as analytical, problem solving and presentation skills together with interpersonal skills such as team work, communication skills and a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.
  • adopts a variety of teaching methods to motivate students to learn. This includes small group coaching, mentorships, company visits, simulation exercises, workshops, group games, role play and project work.

Arrangement for Student Selection (Mode 1) for Applied Learning Courses (2021-23 Cohort) Commenced at Secondary 4

應用學習課程 ─ 資訊科技精要 應用學習課程 ─ 資訊科技精要

Technological advancement reforms the nature of jobs in the IT industry globally. To maximize economic and social well­being in an increasingly global and digital age, it is critical that future generations are equipped with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which will play a major role in shaping the future workforce. The course focuses on latest artificial intelligence and data technologies to meet the diversified development of the rapid and contemporary change of the IT industry and prepare for further studies.


Special Features :

  • Mentorship
    Industry Experience Sharing from mentorship offered by industry professionals
  • Company Visit
    Visit world’s class Tech companies which expose students to the practical application of frontier technologies in IT
  • Industry Membership

    Students aged 16 or above from Tech Basics course can apply as a Student Member in Hong Kong Computer Society

Course Structure (total 6 modules)

  • Fundamentals of Information Technology (IT) (30 hours)
  • Programming (39 hours)
  • Database (24 hours)
  • IT Project Management Skills (24 hours)
  • Application Development (39 hours)
  • Data Communications and Networking (24 hours)

Mode 1 :  HKBU(SCE) Learning Centres 

Mode 2 :  Students’ own school

Course fee: $24,000

(Course fee will be fully subsidized by the Education Bureau and students do not need to pay.)

Click here for info on the financial assistance available.

e.g. courses related to Data analytics, cyber security and artificial intelligence


e.g. data analyst, security analyst, AI software developer and project management

All students must apply through their schools for enrolment in ApL courses. Schools may consider nominating students for ApL courses in light of schools’ curriculum plan and students’ needs. Thus, students who are interested in enrolling in ApL courses need to obtain schools’ nomination for the application. The application results will be subject to the selection results from course providers.


If the ApL courses that students are interested in are not offered in school, students or parents can reflect their needs to the school management so that the school may explore the possibility of offering ApL courses in Mode 1.


For details, please visit the website of Education Bureau.

  • The above information is for reference only. The School reserves the right to make alterations or to cancel any class/programme without prior notice. Students are advised to follow the requirements listed in the course information distributed on admission.
  • The School reserves the right to arrange face-to-face, online or mixed mode teaching in 2020 Autumn Term due to the changing situation of COVID-19.