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HKBU 63rd Commencement – Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes

HKBU 63rd Commencement
- Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes


HKBU 63rd Commencement – Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes


2. Information for Graduates

Graduates who have successfully completed the Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programmes in the Academic Year of 2021/22 will be invited to attend the HKBU 63rd Commencement – Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes.



Invitations to the Commencement will be sent to eligible graduates by email. Graduates who would like to attend the event are required to register their attendance on or before the stipulated deadline at the online registration platform: Graduates are required to verify their personal data recorded at the student database and complete a graduate survey before proceeding to registration of attendance.


All graduates are required to wear a set of academic regalia at the Commencement. Details on the rental of academic regalia are given in section: Arrangement on Collection, Return and Payment of Academic Regalia.


Date Events
19 September 2022 Invitation emails will be sent to eligible graduates of Year 2022
7 October 2022 Deadline to confirm attendance and update personal data (if necessary) at the online registration platform
8 to 15 October 2022 Confirmation emails will be sent to graduates who have registered for the event
Mid-November 2022 Send e-tickets via email to graduates who have registered for the event
17 to 25 November 2022 Graduates to rent academic regalia from service provider
26 November 2022 HKBU 63rd Commencement - Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes


Graduates who need to update their personal data and contact information should do so via the online registration platform by 7 October 2022.


Graduates should make sure that the name recorded in the student database is the same as that on the HKID Card as it will be printed on the graduation diplomas. If amendment of name is needed, please provide supporting documents (e.g. copy of HKID Card / deed poll) to the SCE Registry for verification.



An admission ticket will be given to each graduate who have registered for the ceremony. Due to limited seating capacity, each participating graduate may invite up to 2 accompanying guests only. Details regarding the admission tickets will be announced in due course.


Graduates will receive a PDF file which consists of his/her own graduate ticket and the guest ticket(s) (if any) via email. Graduates should PRINT the ticket(s) and pass the guest ticket(s) to their accompanying guest(s) in advance. All participants must present their tickets for admission to the AC Hall. Those without tickets will not be allowed to enter the venue.


Each participant is assigned a seat at the event and the seat number is printed on the admission ticket. All participants should be seated in the assigned seat.


According to the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F), all persons are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code and comply with the requirements of the Vaccine Pass before entering the AC Hall. For latest information and relevant requirements of vaccination, please visit the Vaccine Pass thematic website at


Since we need to strictly observe the seating capacity requirement of the event, please note that ad-hoc registration on the event day will NOT be entertained.



Gown: A black robe of simple traditional style

Award Stole Colour
Associate of Arts Sky Blue
Associate of Science Gold Yellow
Higher Diploma in Commercial Design Sky Blue
Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production Citron
Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Citron
Higher Diploma in Management Silver Grey


All graduates attending the Commencement must wear a set of academic regalia. Victoria Uniform has been commissioned for the academic regalia rental services, and graduates should rent the academic regalia for use on the day of the Commencement from one of the four outlets before the event. Those who do not wear an academic regalia will not be allowed to go on the stage. The SCE should not be held responsible for the rent in case the Commencement is cancelled because of adverse weather or any other special situations.


Remarks: For issues relating to the academic regalia rental services, please contact the service provider directly. Neither the School nor the University is involved.


A. Academic Regalia: A full set of academic regalia consists of a gown and a stole
B. Service Provider: Victoria Uniform (
C. Service Period: 17 to 25 November 2022
D. Rental Period and Charges

The rental period is counted on a 10-calendar-day basis, with both day of collection and day of return inclusive. Rental period of less than 10 calendar days will also be counted as 10 days. An extension fee will be charged if extension of the rental period is required. Upon collection of the academic regalia, graduates are required to pay both the rent and deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the academic regalia in good condition. For details, please visit the website of the service provider.
E. Rental Procedure

Please visit the website of Victoria Uniform at to make online reservation of the academic regalia. Kindly input the institution code of HKBUADHD22 when making reservation. Information on the address, opening hours and telephone numbers of the rental outlets could also be found via the website.


Download here for information on academic regalia rental: PDF Download



For graduates who need special assistance during the Commencement, e.g. wheelchair user or persons with mobility issues, please indicate in the “remark” field when performing the online registration.



For Graduates attending the Commencement

Graduates attending the Commencement may collect their diplomas IN PERSON after they have been officially conferred the award on the Commencement day. They are required to present their HKID Card for identification. Alternatively, graduates may collect the diplomas at the Academic Registry (AR) of the University starting from 1 December 2022.


Authorization for collection of diploma would NOT be entertained on the Commencement day.


For Graduates NOT attending the Commencement

Graduates intended to graduate in absentia and not attending the Commencement may collect their diplomas at the AR starting from 1 December 2022.


For collection of diploma starting from 1 December 2022, please find detailed information on AR’s location and opening hours at In-person collection requires the presentation of HKID Card for identification. For authorized collection, the representative must present:

  • his/her HKID Card / Passport;
  • a copy of the graduate’s HKID Card; and
  • a completed "Authorization Form for the Collection of Diploma" (available at AR’s website at OR a duly signed letter of authorization (with student number) specifying the name of the person collecting the diploma. Letter that does not bear the name of the person collecting the Diploma will not be accepted. Persons other than the one named in the authorization letter will not be allowed to collect the diploma.

  1. Graduates Arrival Time (Session 1: 9:30 a.m.; Session 2: 2:30 p.m.)
    To ensure a smooth running of the event, graduates should wear the academic regalia and arrive at the event venue according to the above arrival time. Late arrivals or those without the academic regalia will not be allowed to go on the stage.
  2. Seating Arrangement for Graduates

    All graduates should present the graduate ticket for admission and sit according to the assigned seat number. The number is assigned in accordance with the programme order and sequence to go on the stage. Please do not swap seats with others.


    During the presentation of diplomas, each graduate’s name will be called out. Please follow the instructions given by the duty staff.


    Graduates and guests are required to remain in the seats during the whole event except when graduates are called up to the stage.

  3. Dress Code for the Commencement
    The Commencement is a formal occasion and graduates should dress properly. Collared shirts, dark coloured trousers/skirts are recommended. Jeans, sneakers or sandals of any kind are considered inappropriate for the function. Those who do not dress properly or without an academic regalia will not be allowed to go on the stage.
  4. Parking Arrangement
    There will be NO parking facilities available for graduates and their guests.


It is prohibited for audiences to take photos or videos inside the AC Hall. The School has arranged professional photography service to take photos / videos inside the AC Hall during the Commencement. Please click here for details.


Remarks: Order of photographs is voluntary and should be arranged directly with the company. Neither the SCE nor the University is involved.