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HKBU School of Continuing Education and Yan Chai Hospital
Social Services Department Jointly Organises a Sharing Seminar on a Research Project about Young Children’s Self-regulation Abilities

(Hong Kong, 16 June 2016) Subsidised by the Social Welfare Development Fund of the Social Welfare Department, the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division (ECEED) under the School of Continuing Education (SCE) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) collaborated with Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department (YCH SS) on a research project in 2014 to 2016 to identify effective strategies for parents and teachers to promote young children’s self-regulation abilities. To illustrate how young children’s self-regulation abilities can be developed through classroom activities and daily parent-child interactions, HKBU SCE and YCH SS organised a sharing seminar on 4 June, attracting over 160 teachers, social workers and parents.

The event was officiated by Mr. Kok Che-leung, Assistant Director (Subventions), Social Welfare Department; Mr. Clement Fung Cheuk-nang, Chairman, Social Services Committee, YCH Board of Directors; Mrs. Yim Tsui Yuk Shan, Vice-chairman, YCH Board of Directors; Mr. Nicholas Fong Lik-ho, YCH Board of Directors; Dr. Simon Wong, Dean, HKBU SCE; and Dr. Amelia Lee, Head of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, HKBU SCE.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Clement Fung Cheuk-nang said that the Research was executed by the Preschooler Support Team of YCH SS, delivering a programme designed by HKBU SCE to develop young children’s self-regulation abilities through various inspiring class activities. “We are grateful to the participating crèche and kindergarten-cum-child-care centres for encouraging parents and their children to take part in the research, as well as making necessary coordination, so that the study could be completed successfully.” Mr. Fung said.

Dr. Simon Wong expressed that many studies have found that young children’s self-regulation has a far-reaching impact on their academic performance and interpersonal relationships. He said findings of this study also demonstrate that parents and teachers play an important role in the early development of young children’s self-regulation. “We hope that this research can enable the public to understand the importance of developing the self-regulation abilities of young children at different ages and applying appropriate nurturing strategies.”

The first part of the study explored the relations of parents’ different childrearing practices to their young children’s self-regulation abilities. The second part examined the effectiveness of a programme designed by HKBU SCE researchers in promoting young children’s self-regulation abilities. The four training components of the programme, which could be acronymed as “TIME”, included the abilities to Take control of attention, Inhibit impulses and delay gratification, Monitor one’s own emotions and behaviors, as well as Evaluate the actions of self and others. Both parts of the studies had more than 400 participating children from one crèche and four kindergarten-cum-child-care centres. It was found that many components of young children’s self-regulation abilities was positively related to parents’ teaching of conscientiousness in everyday life but negatively related to parents’ use of inconsistent discipline. After participating in the programme designed in this project, children from the experimental group showed significantly greater improvement than those in the control group in self-regulation abilities and social competence.

Photos of the sharing seminar are available for download at http://scepr.hkbu.edu.hk/eceed16June.

Pic_1.jpg: Mr. Clement Fung Cheuk-nang presents a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Kok Che-leung.
Pic_2.jpg: Officiating guests Mr. Kok Che-leung (8th from right), Mr. Clement Fung Cheuk-nang (7th from right), Mrs. Yim Tsui Yuk Shan (6th from left), Dr. Simon Wong (6th from right), Dr. Amelia Lee (5th from left) and representatives from the participating kindergartens-cum-child care centres and nursery.
Pic_3.jpg: The sharing meeting is well-received by the participants.
Pic_4.jpg: Ms. Chai Man Kuen, Principal of YCH Choi Pat Tai Kindergarten/Child Care Centre (1st from right) and a parent (2nd from right) shares their observations on children’s behavioral changes after participating in the study.

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