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Effective Training Delivery and Practices

This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills in delivering an effective training session in the workplace. Students will learn the practical approach to turn dry lectures into interactive and engaging learning experiences. The course makes use of different training delivery techniques to achieve desired learning outcomes by adopting hands-on learning approach. It includes concepts of adult learning principles, learning environment, training flow, presentation skills, communication and feedback skills, delivery of different learning activities, handling difficult learners and situations, and, use of instructional aids. In order to facilitate students participate in the training lab, the last lesson will be scheduled on Sat (10:00am - 4:25pm) on 29 September 2018 (Sat).

Topics include:

  1. Essentials of effective adult learning principles and theories;
  2. Effective learning environment & training flow;
  3. Presentation skills for trainers;
  4. Communication & feedback skills for trainers;
  5. Conducting learning activities & debriefing sessions;
  6. Use of venue & instructional Aids;
  7. Handling difficult learners and situations; and
  8. Training Lab.

Group training lab will be conducted on last lesson on Saturday 10am to 5pm.

No section is offered this term (Summer 2024)