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Short Courses


Business English Basics (Listening & Speaking)

This course is aimed at helping students gain confidence in communicating work-related matters in oral English at the basic level.?

Course Content:

  1. Listening practice
  2. listening to simple requests and instructions; and
  3. telephoning skills and message-taking.
  4. Speaking practice
  5. making travel arrangements and appointments;
  6. describing companies, job titles, products and services;
  7. giving simple instructions for organisational operations; and
  8. handling simple telephone enquiries and requests.
  9. Socializing at the workplace
  10. simple exchanges: greetings, addressing, introducing and leave-taking
  11. social arrangements: suggesting, inviting, accepting/declining invitations, food and drink etiquette
  12. building and maintaining social relationships: expressing gratitude, preferences, desires and pleasure; apologising and disagreeing; expressing opinions

No section is offered this term (Summer 2024)