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短期課程 (2018春季)

職業安全 > 職業安全及健康

章春華先生, 進思安全顧問有限公司
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Work Injury Management

This course explores the legal framework in Hong Kong with in-depth discussion on the liability of an employer under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and work injury related compensation issues. Emphasis will also be placed on the concept of work injury management in a broader perspective. The essence of a comprehensive work injury management approach will be discussed to facilitate fast return to work and minimize work injury cost. Participants will be provided with ample case studies to conceptualize the major theories and reflect on their own experiences. (This is an extension course for graduates of the SCE Professional Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.)

Topics include:

  1. Employees' Compensation Ordinance (ECO);
  2. Liability to pay compensation under ECO;
  3. Quantum in employees' compensation;
  4. Quantification of compensation for different incapacity;
  5. Work Injury Management; and
  6. Return to Work Programme.

No section is offered this term (Spring 2018)