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Ms. Fu Minling  |  符敏玲女士

Lecturer, Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division

 3411 4319

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught

  • HECE 2140 Language Development in Early Childhood Education
  • HECE 2150 Learning and Teaching in Early Childhood Education: Play
  • HECE 1630 English for University Studies I
  • EECE 3590 Young Children’s Literature and Literacy Development
  • BECE 4310 Early English Learning I
  • CECE7308 Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years
  • CECE7501 Supervised Educare Practice I 
  • CECE7502 Supervised Educare Practice II

Research Interests

  • Language and literacy development of young children
  • Child development
  • Early childhood education and curriculum