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Ms. Carol M.C. Kwong  |  鄺美貞女士

Lecturer, Continuing and Professional Education Division

 3411 4307

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught


  • AFA1515 Aesthetics of Colour and Space  
  • AFA1530 Appreciation and Guidance of Children’s Art
  • APJ4001 Introduction to Design
  • GEM0006 Jadeite Identification and Classification
  • GEM0007 Gem Knowledge and Jewellery Production
  • GEM0160 Final Project on Jewellery Design
  • GEM0160 Final Project on Visual Merchandising
  • HDCD1108 Visual Culture
  • HDCD1304 Design Concepts and Colour Management
  • HDCD1306 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design                                                                
  • HDCD2301 Visual Merchandising Design
  • VIM0120 Visual Merchandising Design Principles

Research Interests

  • Visual arts
  • Jewellery design
  • Jadeite jade
  • Arts education
  • Children’s art