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Mr. Jeff Z. H. Feng  |  馮振輝先生

Lecturer, Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division

 3411 1994

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught

  • BECE4451 Honours Project
  • BECE1620 Chinese Communication & Expressive Arts
  • BECE4390 Pedagogy of Putonghua Teaching in Early Childhood Education I
  • BECE4400 Pedagogy of Putonghua Teaching in Early Childhood Education II
  • BECE2411 Field Practice IV
  • EECE3600 Elementary Putonghua for Early Childhood Educators
  • EECE4510 Advanced Putonghua for Early Childhood Educators
  • HECE1690 Introduction to Chinese Culture
  • HECE1610 Chinese for University Studies
  • CECE7502 Supervised Educare Practice II
  • CPD1204 Accelerating Children's Literacy

Research Interests

  • Discourse analysis
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Second language acquisition
  • Chinese Language
  • Chinese literature
  • Chinese culture

Professional Qualifications

  • Nationally Certified Putonghua Proficiency Examiner

Selected Publications

  • Feng, Z.H. (2019). A New L2 Spoken Mandarin Chinese Corpus: Construction and Linguistic Analyses, Overseas Chinese Education. General Serial No.106. Page 1-18.
  • Fung, S.L., Feng, Z.H & Irene Chung. (2014). Liberal Arts-General Education- Global Elites: On Talents Training Goals and Model of Sino-Foreign Joint Education Ventures, University Presidents Roundtable (Shen Zhen) and the 5th Annual Conference on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. Page 242-253. ISBN 978-7-5615-5457-9
  • Fung, S.L., Feng, Z.H. & Zheng, L. (2013). Interdisciplinary Study of the Paintings and Classical Poems of Professor JAO Tsung-I with Special Reference to Gu-an Ci Poems, the 2nd Jao Tsung-I and Chinese Studies, and 10th Anniversary Celebration of the JAO Tsung-I Petite Ecole. Page 251-262.
  • Fung, S.L., Li, J.Y & Feng, Z.H. (2013). Analysis on the Modernization of the Confucian Rituals of Ancient Archery, and a Brief Comparison with Japanese and Korean Archery -- Case Study of UIC Chinese Archery Studio, the 4th International Symposium on Sinology and East Asian Culture. Page 421-432. ISBN 978-988-99824-6-1
  • Fung, S.L. & Feng, Z.H. (2012). An Overview of Education in Chinese Culture & Society, Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers. Page 16-23. ISBN 978-988-99855-9-2

Professional / Community Services

  • Director, Hong Kong Society for the Promotion of Chinese Liyi
  • Member, Hong Kong Chinese Language Institute