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On-campus Internship

As a SCE Career Ambassador, you have the opportunity to develop important workplace skills sought after by employers and participate in on-campus Work-integrated Learning (WIL) programme

CEC are looking for students who are interested in:


Transforming creative ideas into reality by Video Production


Planning and executing marketing ideas and strategies


Designing promotion materials and social media posts


Handling a variety of Administrative tasks



Career Ambassadors Scheme


  • Gain practical work experience for adding extra weight in your CV;
  • Develop transferrable skills (communication, interpersonal, organizational, public speaking, etc.) through practice, trainings and coaching;
  • Build your professional and personal network with employers and students from different disciplines;
  • Have a higher priority to be nominated to career-related opportunities; and
  • Receive a Certificate of Recognition*.

* Upon successful completion of the appointment, Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to Career Ambassadors with satisfactory performances. 



Interested full time SCE students should complete the online application form and submit the relevant documents before the application deadline. Shortlisted students will be invited for interview by email.

Application Deadline: 3 October 2021 (Sun)



3411 5489