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Collaboration with Employers

We strive to partner with organisations/ companies in nurturing the future talents and recruiting SCE students in different study levels and disciplines.  

There are different collaboration initiatives available:

Career Talks

Career Talks / Sharing Sessions

Career talks and sharing sessions can be arranged on school days of the academic year, subject to the reservation availability.  Employers are welcome to share with SCE students about the market trend, industry information, career pathway, etc. If interested, please contact us for more information.  Our team will discuss the details and assist you in the logistic arrangement.


Recruitment Events

Recruitment Events

On-campus events such as recruitment talks and booths can be arranged on school days of the academic year on a first-come-first-served basis.  Booking can be made in late July and December for the first and second semester respectively.

Internship and Job Postings

Internship and Job Postings

The SCE nurtures talents with different professions for providing manpower to the industries and facilitating their business development.
If you are recruiting student interns or fresh graduates, click HERE to post the internship and/ or job opportunities.  
We welcome employers to register as our long-term industry partners by joining our SCE’s Industry Partner Scheme.  



3411 5489  / 3411 3368