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Dr. Christine Qi  |  齊雪青博士

Lecturer, Continuing and Professional Education Division

 3411 1931

Teaching Areas

Course(s) taught


  • CEM4101 Event Planning and Administration
  • HDMT1306 Principles of Management
  • HDMT1310 International Business
  • HDMT1309 Organisational Behaviour
  • TOUR1001 Understanding Travel and Tourism
  • TOUR2006 Marketing for Tourism, Events and Hospitality
  • TOUR3007 Critical Issues in Tourism in Asia Pacific Region
  • TOUR3006 Policy and Planning for Sustainable Tourism
  • TOUR3010 New Technologies in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events
  • TSM4100 Introduction to Travel and Tourism Industry
  • TSM0170 Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • TSM0200 Final Project in Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Research Interests

  • Business management
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Recreation and leisure management

Professional Qualifications

  • CHE

Selected Publications

  • Qi, C., Yang, Z and Li, Z. (2018). Whose Customer Satisfaction Matters? – Evidence of Stock Returns from the Perspective of Industry and Competitors. SIBR 2018 Osaka Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research, Osaka, China. (The paper is also presented on 2017 China International Marketing Conference Proceedings, Beijing, China)
  • Qi, C. (2017), The link between customer satisfaction and market return: Perspective from industry and competitors. Department of Marketing Seminar, City University of Hong Kong.
  • Lau, P. W. C. & Qi, C. (2010). Development of sport tourism in Hong Kong. Invited presentation on The 2010 Daejeon Tourism Promotion Forum & Workshop, Korea, April 2010.
  • Qi, C., Gibson, H., & Zhang, J. (2009). Perceptions of risk and travel intentions: The case of China and the Beijing Olympic Games. Journal of Sport and Tourism 14, 43 – 67.
  • Gibson, H. J., Qi, C., & Zhang, J. (2008). Destination image and intent to visit China and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Journal of Sport Management 22, 427 – 503.
  • Gibson, H., Chang, S. & Qi, C. (2006). Bike Florida 2005: A case study in active sport tourism in mid to later life. Paper presented on the U.S. National Recreation and Park Association Conference, Seattle, WA, October 2006.
  • Qi, C., Gibson, H., & Zhang, J. (2006). Perceptions of risk and travel intentions: China and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Paper presented on the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Kansas City, MI, June 2006.
  • Zhao, X.Y., Zhan, J. C. & Qi, C. (2001). An empirical study on the factors influencing training effectiveness in hospitality organizations, Tourism Tribune 16 (4), 39 – 43.
  • Li, F. & Qi, C. (2001). An analysis of holiday tourism in China and the solutions. Tourism Science 1, 10–13.

Professional / Community Services

  • Honorary Professional Consultant, Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (since 2014)