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Dr. Raymond C. W. Ng  |  吳志榮博士

Director of College of International Education, Programme Director of Associate Degree

 3411 3228

Research Interests

  • International trade and finance
  • Economic development and economic growth models
  • Pegged exchange rate and macroeconomic stability of the Hong Kong economy

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Leung, C.H., Chan, P.O.E., Ng, C.W.R. (2011). Can co-curricular activities enhance the learning effectiveness of students: An application to the sub-degree students in Hong Kong. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 23(3): 329-341.
  • Ma, Y., Kueh, Y.Y., Ng, C.W.R. (2007). A comparative study of exchange rate regimes and macro-instabilities in the twin economies of Singapore and Hong Kong. The Singapore Economic Review 52(1): 93-116.
  • Kueh, Y.Y., Ng, C.W.R. (2002). The interplay of the ‘China factor’ and the US Dollar peg in the Hong Kong economy. The China Quarterly 170: 387-412.

Book Chapters

  • Ma, Y., Ng, C.W.R. (2006). Macroeconomic instability in Hong Kong: Internal and external factors. In Ho, L.S. and Ash, R. (eds.), China, Hong Kong and the World Economy: Studies on Globalisation, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.200-218.
  • Chen, K.Y.E., Ng, C.W.R. (2003). The new role of Hong Kong as a regional hub in an emerging E-economy. In Masuyama, S. and Vandenbrink, D. (eds.), Towards a Knowledge-based Economy: East Asia’s Changing Industrial Geography, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp.231-258.
  • Chen, K.Y.E., Ng, C.W.R. (2001). Economic re-structuring of Hong Kong on the basis of innovation and technology. In Masuyama, S., Vandenbrink, D. and Chia, S.Y. (eds.), Industrial Restructuring in East Asia towards the 21st Century, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 209-238.