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短期課程 (2018春季)

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Business English Basics (Listening & Speaking)

This course is aimed at helping students gain confidence in communicating work-related matters in oral English at the basic level.?

Course Content:

  1. Listening practice
  2. listening to simple requests and instructions; and
  3. telephoning skills and message-taking.
  4. Speaking practice
  5. making travel arrangements and appointments;
  6. describing companies, job titles, products and services;
  7. giving simple instructions for organisational operations; and
  8. handling simple telephone enquiries and requests.
  9. Socializing at the workplace
  10. simple exchanges: greetings, addressing, introducing and leave-taking
  11. social arrangements: suggesting, inviting, accepting/declining invitations, food and drink etiquette
  12. building and maintaining social relationships: expressing gratitude, preferences, desires and pleasure; apologising and disagreeing; expressing opinions
Pre-requisite:Completion of Form 3 or equivalent
Enrolment Limit:25
Total Hours:30
CodeCommencingDate and Time
16EBW2522RMar 03Sat 10:00am-12:30pm


  1. Students who were admitted to the Fixed Study Mode Certificate or Diploma programmes have to follow the prescribed course sequence and study schedule and attend classes accordingly. No individual course enrolment shall be done by the students including elective courses.
  2. The first two digits in the code indicate the location of learning centres.